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We take your privacy serious and allow you to edit or customize your privacy settings at any time.

You can view and adjust some of the most used privacy settings and tools from your Account Shortcuts at the top right of any Hot Rod Time page.

You may also choose who to share your items with before you share

Privacy Settings are grouped into 5 categories

Everyone - Default setting for most items. This will let everyone see your posts and items

Registered Members - Only other members like yourself can see the posts or items

My Friends - Only your Friends will be able to see the posts or items that your sharing

Only You - Only you can see the items

Custom - You can select which specific Friends can see the items


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To access your privacy settings, click on your Account Settings Shortcut (in the upper right corner of any page on Hot Rod Time), and then click on Manage Privacy


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Click on the Section you would like to customize

Click the Privacy Level you would like to apply

Click on Save in the lower right to Save your custom settings.

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