New instant messaging system

Have you seen our new instant messaging system? It's the little blue button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  The new system replaces the old clunky system and is easy to use, fast and more user friendly than ever before.  Along with being beautiful, the new system plays nicely in all browsers, both desktop and mobile phone...
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What is it...and how did it get to look like that?

 Hello and welcome to the first of what I hope are many more scribbles here at Hot Rod Time. I would like to thank them first and foremost for giving me this opportunity to share with you my stories and experiences from the many miles and smiles I have had while traversing the landscape in one of my classic rides. But before I go any furt...
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34th Annual Cache Valley Cruise-In

The 2016 Cache Valley Cruise-In giveaway car
Before you know it, it will be time for the 4th of July celebrations, burgers and ribs on the grill and The 34th Annual Cache Valley Cruise-In. Held every year around the 4th of July weekend since 1982, the Cache Valley Cruise-In is an essential car show you just have to go to in the summer. This year the show will be held Ju...
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Pinup History: the Atomic Age

This post is LONG overdue! I apologize for the delay, I just started a new job. Anyway, I wanted to get right into the second post about the history of pin-up. I split the timeline here because this era--the Atomic Age--is well deserving of its own post, especially on a car site. We'll get to why in this post! Where I left off last, America was com...
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