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“Why Aren’t You Going To That Car Show Instead?”


One of the most frequent questions that people ask of me, whether it's out and about, here online, or in casual conversation at anything from a cruise night to the water cooler is "Why don't you do X car show or x car event?" or when I post something on my personal social media page plugging the next event I plan on attending I have actually had people post stuff similar to "Why are you there when you should be at X event instead." Hmmm….OK.

People mean well – they usually do – and I'm sure it just a sheer case of curiosity versus the animosity of attending one event over another….however you can never be too sure now days. Not too long ago I was having a conversation with another car show veteran of many years on the local show circuit where we reminisced about how there used to be thirteen different car shows the entire month of June.Now there's thirteen different car shows the same weekend in June as opposed to the entire month! A testimony to the growth of the hobby, not to mention the influx of folks that have moved to Utah over the last several years bringing their rides and their love of those rides with them.

If you have been a regular reader of this scribble or are here for the first time I'll say again that I have been a part of this thing a little while now.Add travel in the form of a classic car road trip, a car show and the financial means to do so it's fun to test the waters to what else is out there. It's definitely not a slight on the local runs and those who labor to put them on. Besides as we get older we have friends who move near and far and what excuse for a get together or what not is "Hey, there is a run at (insert name here) and I will be in town for it." It's a good chance to catch. However that backfires too as there are as many out and about as there are local. It's as win-win as Russian roulette with a parts washer.

For my own muse, besides a road trip lessens the homicidal tendencies of everyday life in the most tongue-in-cheek fashion, I like to broaden my horizons and see other rides and meet other people. I have friends, very good friends I might add, in all parts of our state that I would have never crossed paths with had I not left my comfort zone all those years ago and ventured out and about. If you would have told me twenty five years ago that I would be driving a vehicle manufactured a half century ago on road trips consisting of nearly five hundred miles in one direction I would have said you're crazy.

Sadly my ride shows the pitfalls of those rides now but I wouldn't change a thing. You're born at Point A you die at Point B what you do between those two places in time is entirely up to you.
Many of the postings on this blog would have not been possible if I hadn't ventured out of my comfort zone.
Unfortunately I cannot get paid full time just to travel to car shows. If I could, or became financially liquid, through a sugar mama or the lottery, the sky would be the limit. But alas I kid because both are as unrealistic as world peace or common sense.But that doesn't stop me from playing the lottery in neighboring states when my travel muse strikes. The far more realistic outcome as opposed to the other options described above.

Because of my nomadic wanderlust I have car friends all over the west, and due to relocation both from within and outside Utah, all over the country.Many I would have never known had I just stayed close to home all these years. The miles and smiles cannot be measured in monetary terms as many of those are from people that like to see something from out of town…and still driven. It sets of a series of memories for that person that I don't mind being privy to…and if I can't make someone's day a brighter one by recalling a fond memory because they had a car like mine and they choose to share in that nothing will center you and make you not take what we do for granted.

Everyone likes to do the runs they do for various reasons just like there are reasons why they shop where they do, eat at a particular dine-in or drive a particular make of vehicle. It's all about choice and sadly we all can't be everywhere at once. The fact that this dilemma exists shows the popularity of what we do. Do what makes you happy, attend the shows that you enjoy, mingle with the people who bring you the most joy, enjoy the vehicles on display and have fun. If you are not having fun…that's your issue.

Until next time I leave you with this thought.
"Personal independence is something many strive for but few achieve."

See you all out and about and keep the rubber side down.



© All text and photos © 2017 Jay Horrocks Jr.

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I Agree bro it's hard to choose what ones to go to depending on distance or money wise ! sometimes I base it on the dates hoping it work around each other that I may be able to go to each of them if they have them on different dates . But that...

I Agree bro it's hard to choose what ones to go to depending on distance or money wise ! sometimes I base it on the dates hoping it work around each other that I may be able to go to each of them if they have them on different dates . But that not always works out so I just have to cross my fingers or flip a coin and choose which ones get picked this year ? and then I pick the losing one next year . But I loved reading your stuff man Very good I will keep up with you I promise .

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Thank you for the kind words. I do apologize for my less-than-speedy reply as there have been a lot happening in my world of late.
I hope to keep you and others entertained and informed in future posts and writings. Cheers!

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