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The “Spring” In One’s Step: Gearheads in Grantsville and Decisions, Decisions.

The “Spring” In One’s Step: Gearheads in Grantsville and Decisions, Decisions.

​ There is something to be said about unseasonably warm weather in that it would make even the least die-hard of a rodder get antsy with anticipation. The changing of seasons has brought many of our beloved rides out and everyone I know is ready to kick off this year's show season in force. Cabin fever and a fifty degree day are satisfactory. Warmer than that? Well that's just an early blessing that we were all bestowed with just a short time ago…as I dawn my hoodie and long pants now, but briefly.

 Such was the case back in mid-March when Grantsville hosted a car show to celebrate one of the oldest celebrations in Utah; One that goes back over one hundred and thirty years called the Old Folks Sociable. Several years ago a car show was added to the celebration and the front lawn of Grantsville High School was the place where the car show has been held since those humble beginnings. Highly unusual in Northern Utah for an annual car show to be held in March but these folks pull it off, even when some years the weather has been less-than-stellar.

In the past if a sixty degree day could be achieved it was a weather milestone but this year, with an unseasonable "heat wave" covering the western US, the high temperature was in the upper seventies and that is what I believe pushed entries close to 300 cars! After some clouds and wind in the morning the afternoon was a delight as jackets and long sleeves gave way to shorts and t-shirts.

To top things off the folks at this here website, Hot Rod Time, hosted a cruise to Grantsville earlier that morning beginning from areas north of Salt Lake City out to Grantsville, which is an hour – give or take – west of the city just off of Interstate 80. Several cars make the trip in pre-dawn darkness from the city of Layton to Saltair, a popular concert venue on the shores of the Great Salt Lake just off the interstate. Being at the show early I got to see them roll in and it was a cool sight to see.

A good day had by all and congratulations to those who came away with awards and to those who labored to make this show happen every year.

Around the beginning of spring, if you're like me anyway,you start making your itinerary for what shows, races, meets and cruise nights you're interested in doing. Some keep the same schedule while others change things up a show or two. There are about three that I never miss annually but the reasons those three are special to me personally may not be shared by others because, after all, we are all different creatures of different habits. We all have our reasons why we do the things we do and where we choose to go and yet many of us are very passionate about them.

I have been a part of the Utah rodding culture for quite some time now and I have seen a lot of shows come and go. In fact there was a time in the rear view, that doesn't seem so long ago, when there were only about a dozen or so runs and shows in a particular month….now there are a dozen shows or more on one or more particular Saturdays alone!

The scene has exploded in recent times and there are many options out there. Each event offers something for everyone from "kustom kulture to "modern muscle" to "classics and customs." The important thing to consider is that if there wasn't an interest in the scene it would not be as expansive and popular as it is today. A gathering of car enthusiasts is always going to bring out people from all walks of life; some to reminisce, some to get ideas for their own project, some to meet and chat with other car people and some to dream about owning a car themselves one day. I was that person myself once upon a time, as most of us were, and sometimes it's good to reflect and look back.

In my realm when I look at something new I look at a couple factors. I like to travel and a run a few hundred miles from my home base is an attraction in itself because it incorporates something in the mix besides that particular event…a roadtrip! Even if it's an overnighter or a weekend trip a getaway is a getaway. That's not to take away from the local events in my area as much as it's the adventure of seeing different rides, meeting new faces and making memories. When you have been involved a long time you want to branch out and try new things; it's only natural. But on the flip side there are many opportunities closer to home to check out as well.

The opportunities within our borders and outside of it are endless! They need to be and should be explored and I plan to as long as I am able. You only live once…Live it!

That's it for now. See you out and about and keep the rubber side down.


© All text and photos © 2017 Jay Horrocks Jr.

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Excellent read JR! LOVE IT!

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Here's a short video I put together of the cruise to the show

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Great job Jay!!!

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Nice work Jay, keep it up. The “Spring” In One’s Step: Gearheads in Grantsville and Decisions, Decisions. - News and blogs - Hot Rod Time wink

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