A Cow Pasture Special

Here is an old "Farm Truck" I stumbled across when I was in Guthrie. The previous owner had another truck he was using and he had put this one out to pasture. It is a 68 Chevy C/10. Its was the base model with 6 cylinder 261 engine, and the old granny 4 speed standard transmission.   In 1968, that was the 50th anniversary for Chevrolet trucks.  So I decided it would be nice to do this up as an Anniversary model. I had a 327 engine lying around so I built it up to a Corvette spec, 350 horse 327, then put a Turbo 400 trans. behind it. For the interior, it was done in gold and brown with some gold hounds tooth seats. For the exterior, it is painted Anniversary Gold and white. I put on some wood grain side trim and wood grain bed rail trim as well....
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