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So I would like to enlist your assistance. As you can probably see, Hot Rod Time is growing. That's a very good thing, but here's the problem, I'M GREEDY, I always want more. Whether it be more speed, more horsepower, more torque, more shine, or in this case, more members.

I sincerely believe that HRT has the best members on this World Wide Web thingy. So first I would like to personally thank you for being a member of the best gearhead community in the world. Secondly I would like to ask that each of you invite 50,000 of your closest friends to join Hot Rod Time. If you can't pull off 50,000 friends, then how about donating 1, 2, 10 or 100,000 of them. Here comes the greedy explanation, our site has come to the attention of some great advertisers that would like to help sponsor HRT full time, with real money. BUT, they want to see some specific numbers first. It's only normal for advertisers to want to spend their money wisely (and I guarantee that I'm no different). This sponsorship will allow me to bring you new features, bring on some help and a whole host of things that will definitely make HRT the greatest gearhead community on the planet!!

So, help me - help you. If you haven’t noticed, at the top of every page while you’re logged in, you’ll see a link that says “Enjoy our site? Invite your friends, tell the world”. That’s there for this very reason, to help spread the word about HRT.

Clicking on the link will bring up the invitation screen where you can invite your friends 1 at a time or list them all at once, and send them a personal note telling them how you are becoming addicted to HRT because of how great HRT is.

You can also share the word with your friends by using the “Share This” button on individual articles and events. You’ll be able to ‘Like” us on Facebook, share a link on Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.

So what are you waiting for, quit reading this post and get sharing =)

As always, Thank You for being a member of Hot Rod Time, keep your hands and feet inside at all times and enjoy the ride.

Aka-   Baldrodder

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