One size does not fit all


One size does not fit all

With the rise in popularity of mobile web devices, iPads, Android tablets, smart phones, etc. used to connect to the internet, we’ve made a few changes to accommodate the use of these new devices.

With over 22% of our website visitors using the newer mobile devices, Hot Rod Time is now optimized and will now work appropriately with nearly any modern device, browser or operating system currently in use.

With the recent changes, loading the website on a tablet will automatically format the site to fit the screen resolution of that device. The menus will reformat for the screen direction, the images will resize for the resolution and certain elements will be optimized appropriately. Turn the tablet from landscape to portrait mode and the site will automatically reformat for the new orientation.  The same goes for loading the site on a smart phone or other device.

For fun or just to see how this works, if you use a modern "standards compliant" browser (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE 9 or higher, etc.) and want to see the differences, simply resize your browser and the changes will appear instantly without the need to refresh the page. 


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