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OK, so here goes a rant and ramble on one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Some might say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, some may say it's plagiarism, the lawyers say it's a intellectual property violation, some say it's copyright violation. I say HOLY CRAP somebody ripped off my website! The whole damn thing. Not just a few words, not a couple of graphics, the whole damn thing.

Now this is not Hot Rod Time, but a site and business I developed several years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do in life. It was a computer repair business where we'd go onsite and do some repairs, some upgrades and the ever popular nasty bugs and virus removal and listen to the husband (and wife sometimes :)) say I don't have any idea how that porn got on our computer, we don't go to sites like that!

Like I was saying this goes back a few years (almost 10 years ago, where has time gone?) when the internet was young and a whole lot less secure in the way things were, well, secured. This was back before the days when SSL sort of worked, most people still connected to the internet via dial-up modem, you know way back when, you get the point. Things have changed, and changed for the better since then thank goodness.

So today I'm doing some googling around and I happen by an old email address I used to use, and to which I still own the domain name. I get poking around and there it is, my old email address in the source of this web page promoting you guessed it, a mobile computer repair business. My curiosity has now been peaked like a driver behind the throttle of top fuel dragster ready to let 'er go! Being involved in a business where creativity is the key to survival and you're creating stuff at 300 miles and hour, sometimes you expect some of your work to be 'borrowed' from time to time. Maybe a photo you've taken, maybe a graphic you've created, some text you've written, heck sometimes even a logo! But never an entire website complete with your graphics, text, designs, shit, even your email address!

Now here's the funny part I started this ramble with. The company (which I will not name yet, in case I get nasty and sue their dumb asses) tout's themselves as a web design company. It get's better. The company not only stole my designs and content, but the whole shittin' business model as well! Word for word! I do however have to give them credit for one thing, they did change my slogan. By one word, by hey it's a start, and it's the effort that counts! So as I'm perusing their website (taking screen shots and source code captures along the way, you know just for safe keeping ;) ) I notice that they didn't even have the smarts to change the page titles, they have MY OLD COMPANY NAME on every one of their pages except the home page! Along with that the meta information (like keywords, descriptions and a whole lot more) are all mine. This wouldn't be as funny, but they are on the other side of the country trying to promote themselves locally with local keywords (city, state, etc) for someplace 2100 miles away!!! The best yet, they have MY copyright notice still intact on every page, showing it's copyrighted by ME!!!

So I'm done rambling for now. What shall I do now? hmm... I wonder...


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