Mailbag: How to Make a 390 or 410 Engine From a Stock 360 in a 1971 Ford F-100


1971 Ford F100

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Q: I own a 1971 Ford F-100 two-wheel drive pickup with a 360 engine.

The piston rings are worn and need to be changed. While the engine is out, I’m thinking of turning it into a 390. I’ve also heard it’s possible to make it a 410 with factory parts, and an Edelbrock Performer cam and intake package?


A: The only additional parts you’ll need to turn your 360 into a 390 are a 390 crankshaft and pistons, such as Eagle Specialty Products’ cast steel crank and Speed Pro Power Forged pistons.

Horsepower ratings on stock 390 engines varied between 300-325hp at the flywheel, depending on their original application. With an Edelbrock Performer camshaft and intake you can expect 340-350 hp.

Turning your engine into a 410 is relatively simple, too.

You’ll need a 428 crankshaft like Scat’s cast crank, 390 piston, and your stock 360 rods. Factory 410s produced about 330 hp at the flywheel.

Expect an Edelbrock-equipped version to make 370-380 hp.

Original author: OnAllCylinders Staff
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