Lawmakers, Legislation, Long Arm of the Law and You!

Lawmakers, Legislation, Long Arm of the Law and You!

 Greetings and Salutations! I'm back again for another edition of my Random Roddin' blog. February is here and cruising season is right around the corner – not a moment too soon I might add – and with that February means something else important is happening at this very moment here in Utah…..

  Right now, while we all go about our day-to-day lives, up on Capitol Hill our Utah State Legislature is meeting and introducing legislation that will affect each one of us in one aspect or another. From January 23rd to March 9th they meet and discuss the issues leading up to these bills that may, or may not, become laws along with changes to other current laws and amendments to the Utah Code.

  Out of curiosity, and maybe some cynical concern, I checked the Utah State Legislature website to see what new bills were scheduled to be debated. Now mind you a portion of the ones I am highlighting were listed on the website prior to the gavel being dropped on the current session so there may be issues more of importance and of concern to us in the gearhead game as the session rolls on. I urge all of you, regardless of political affiliation or of apathetic concern toward government action, to check the website at: Click on the 2017 Session section and check the section on "Numbered Bills", "New Bills" or "Passed Bills."

  Some quick overviews of bills to be debated, or in debate, include: a couple regarding off-road vehicles and street legal all-terrain vehicles. House Bill (HB) 51 tackles "Off Highway Vehicle Amendments" while HB 82 touches on the "Street Legal All-Terrain Vehicle Amendments."If you're between 18 and 21 and don't wear a helmet Senate Bill (SB) 189 plans to make helmets mandatory under 21 in this section.

  HB 265 is a vehicle safety inspection amendment that was introduced by Representative Daniel McCay (R-Riverton) that, if I read the revisions correctly, pretty much does away with the practice. However there is another bill in committee that actually plans to make them more frequent! Who do you believe, huh?

  HB 104 is about Motor Vehicle Emissions and some changes regarding monies used from vehicle emission fees. While I am not a lawyer (nor do I portray one on TV) do not quote me verbatim on my interpretation of the proposed changes in law please. I have a reputation to uphold…..and besides I hate wearing a suit and long pants!

  A odd duck one I ran across is SB 16 which is regarding "Sales and Use Tax Exemption Changes" primarily the exemption of taxes used in the "washing and cleaning of a vehicle" (no kidding?) In the technophobe department HB 267 creates an "Autonomous Vehicle Task Force" that will be funded in the Fiscal 2018 budget and study the proposed use of the dreaded driver-less contraptions that are being proposed nationally. Finally there's SB 38 which regards "Specialized License Plate Amendments" which provides a second plate for apportioned vehicles, primarily affecting the commercial drivers among us and a repeal of the Prostate Cancer Specialty Group Plate under SB 112 sponsored by Representative Allen M. Christensen (R-South Ogden) which would do away with this plate come September, 2017.

 While on the subject of license plates there's a grass roots lobby trying to petition the Utah State Legislature to bring back the white letter on black background plates that were issued on Utah passenger cars and trucks from 1968 through 1972. The petition states that Representative Lincoln Fillmore (R-South Jordan) has/will introduce a bill to reinstate the design back into the new issue of plates as a "legacy" plate. This is similar to the "Circa 1982" plate that the state of Nevada issues as a legacy plate celebrates the plate that was in production from 1969 to 1982. As with any specialty plate at least 500 pre-orders need to be confirmed to put the plate in production, and judging by the signatures on the petition, over 1000 people have signed it! If this is something you dig: a) contact Representative Fillmore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and b) sign the petition at this link: A link to the story in an edition of last week's Deseret News about the black plates is:

  Also I urge all of you to check out or even join the SEMA Action Network or SAN. They highlight all the bills across all states of our nation that affects our hobby. The reason I bring this up is because some of the legislators across our nation come up with some boneheaded ideas that dictate and regulate our hobby in ways that could and would change the way we operate, modify or possess our beloved custom and vintage vehicles. Our state legislators are not immune to this and the success or failure of some of the bills across the nation plants a seed in their minds. SAN has helped to squash clunker bills, title issues on replica, kit and custom cars, modification restrictions on street legal vehicles and many others of their ilk nationwide…including here in Utah!

 The link to their webpage is You can check bills by state as well as alerts on bills currently being debated across the nation. Educate yourself! Because knowledge is power and power, with strength in numbers, gets the job done.
Well, that it for now so……….

Be true, be real and keep the rubber side down.

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