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How do I change my profile picture?

So your tired of you're avatar already huh? No problem it's super simple to change, update or even remove it altogether. Just follow the steps below to update your avatar to your new alter image.


Login in to your account.

On the main page click on Profile and from the drop down menu, click on "CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE"


After clicking Change Profile Picture, you will see this page

Your profile pic is also known as your AVATAR


Click on the "BROWSE" (1) button to access your files on your computer. Once you have chosen your file, it will show a path in the white box next to BROWSE.

Click "UPLOAD" (2) and a preview will display your new profile image/avatar below.

Once the picture is shown, your profile image/avatar has been updated.

If you want to remove this, click "Remove Profile Picture" (X).

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