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How do I add a comment to my wall?

Want to know how to update your status quickly or add something to your wall? Here you go.

Login in to your account

On the main page or your profile page, look for your avatar (profile picture) under Recent Activities and you will see an open box with these words, “What’s On Your Mind”. Feel free to write what you are thinking or want to share with other members:

How do I add a comment to my wall? - News and blogs - Hot Rod Time status_update 

You can also quickly add photos, videos and events in this same box. Just click on the appropriate tab.


You can also select who can see this post. The default is "Friends" but by selecting the drop down box as shown above, yo can decide to share it with the "public", "site members", or keep it private "Only me"

Be sure to click Share so your comments will be posted on your wall.

NOTE: Please keep it clean as this is a family-oriented web site. Thank you.

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