Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. contracts Heroes Hired Manufacturing

Crazy Diamond performance Inc. contracts Heroes Hired Manufacturing

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Shelby Township, Michigan, November 23, 2013– Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. (CDP) contracts with Heroes Hired Manufacturing (HHM) for manufacturing and assembly of its Global Engine Management (GEM) control system.

“I am very pleased to announce that we have partnered with HHM for the manufacturing and assembly of our GEM harness/control system and support work on our various advanced alternative fuel vehicle technologies, such as our up and coming CNG/LPG Heavy Duty and performance crate engines” states Kevin Fern president CDP. HHM is a military service and disabled veteran connected company, a new small business that is focusing on getting some our disabled military vets back to work. “By pure chance, a meeting between our two companies almost immediately forged a relationship. Theirs being veteran owned and ours, focusing on domestic sources of energy”. “For CDP, in hiring service connected disabled vets to manufacture clean vehicle technology is not only the right thing for us to do, it’s also a win-win”. Testing has been ongoing for CDP’s GEM harness, which will enable CDP’s Torquemaster series of CNG/LPG Heavy Duty engines as well as their performance crate engines to be  a simple two wire hookup while allowing for full On Board Diagnostics (OBD) capability and remote vehicle diagnostic functions.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Crazy Diamond Performance Inc. HHM contact Todd Schaffer 855-251-7242 


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