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Community Polls - How to add a new poll

Community polls are a fun and great way to ask those questions and get those answers you want. Any member may create polls to be published and answered by other members of the community and the general public. The polls are very easy to set up, in fact there are only a few steps required to get your new poll published. Take a look...

Hot Rod Time - Create a new poll

  • A - Click on community polls to go to the polls section of Hot Rod Time
  • B - Click on 'My Polls" to access only your polls. Here you can edit  a previously created poll, publish or unpublish a poll you've created, etc.

Hot Rod Time - create a new poll, step 2

  • C - Click "Add New Poll" to add your new poll's questions and answers


  • D - Enter the your new poll's title here
  • E - Select the poll type. Currently only single selection radio button polls are supported
  • F - Write your poll's descripton/question here. Be as descriptive as possible to get the maximum response possible.
  • G - Select the category that best fits your poll question.
  • H - (optional) Select a closing/end date for your poll here.
  • I - This option allows your poll to be embedded into other websites like Facebook, MySpace etc.
  • J - Fill in your answers/options to your question above.
  • K - You may include images as options instead. Click the icon to upload your photos.
  • L - Click "Add Another Option" to  add more answers/options in case you need more than the two above.
  • M - Finally click "Submit Poll" to submit your poll and publish it.

That's all, after clicking "Submit" your poll is published immediately and other members may see and answer your polls.


{xtypo_info}TIP: You can share your poll on Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and other social networks by clicking onthe "ShareThis" button while viewing your poll. Any member may share any poll that is available for voting.{/xtypo_info}

Share your poll on Facebook, Twitter and more

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