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So you're thinking, "man what a kick butt site I just found here, but how the heck do I add photos of my ride", right? It's actually quite simple just take a look below.Start by clicking either the main 'Photos" menu, or "Photos" in the users menu. They both work and take you to the same place. The users menu however provides direct links to your photos, a menu link to upload them and a link to create a new album. Use whichever you find the easiest or most useful. There's no right or wrong way here.Here you are presented with 2 options.1 - Create Album - means exactly that, create a new photo album to store your photos2 - Upload Photos - Upload photos to an already created photo albumLet's create an album first, it's only logical right?3 - Give your album a name4 - Put in a few details...
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