How do I add a comment to my wall?

Want to know how to update your status quickly or add something to your wall? Here you go.Login in to your accountOn the main page or your profile page, look for your avatar (profile picture) under Recent Activities and you will see an open box with these words, “What’s On Your Mind”. Feel free to write what you are thinking or want to share with other members: You can also quickly add photos, videos and events in this same box. Just click on the appropriate tab. You can also select who can see this post. The default is "Friends" but by selecting the drop down box as shown above, yo can decide to share it with the "public", "site members", or keep it private "Only me"Be sure to click Share so your comments will be posted on your wall.NOTE: Please keep it clean as this is a family-oriented web site. Thank you.

How do I invite Friends to the Site?

So, you've decided that you like Hot Rod Time and would love to share it with your friends huh? Sending them an invitation is the fasted way to share the site with them. It only takes a minute and is real easy. All you need is their email address. Just follow the steps below to invite all of your friends to the community.Login to your account.On the main page, click on Friends and then select Invite Friends: On the next page, you will see this form: At the top, with the arrow, your email address will automatically show up.Put in as many emails as you want, separated with a comma in the TO section.Then add a nice message in the MESSAGE section.Once you are done, click "SEND INVITE" and your friend / friends will get an invite to join Hot Rod Time!That was quick and simple now wasn't it? 

Community Polls - How to add a new poll

Community polls are a fun and great way to ask those questions and get those answers you want. Any member may create polls to be published and answered by other members of the community and the general public. The polls are very easy to set up, in fact there are only a few steps required to get your new poll published. Take a look...A - Click on community polls to go to the polls section of Hot Rod TimeB - Click on 'My Polls" to access only your polls. Here you can edit  a previously created poll, publish or unpublish a poll you've created, etc.C - Click "Add New Poll" to add your new poll's questions and answers D - Enter the your new poll's title hereE - Select the poll type. Currently only single selection radio button polls are supportedF - Write your poll's descripton/question here. Be as descriptive as possible...
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