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Big Sister

Big Sister

We call this 1951 Cadillac the Big Sister to the Red Sled because this one is the Coupe DeVille model, the Red Sled is the Two door Hardtop model. She had been in hybernation in a Bakersfield garage for over 10 years. The previous owner had put it in the garage after the transmission went out on him. The car was towed 1500 miles to Oklahoma City and that's where the make over took place. Dad re-upholstered the interior himself. All new carpet, headliner, door panels and seats. The exterior was done as well. It started out two toned, Tan top with black bottom. It is now a metallic gray. The car is totally stock. She has dual glass pack exhaust, and she will talk to you. When you get Big Sister and Red Sled out together, they draw a crowd.  cool

Santa's Little Red Sled
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