Summer to Fall Rod Runs: Millcreek, Sanpete & Labor Day….Oakley-Dokie.


Finally………….   I finally can pen words to paper, or inreality to type, but the message is still the same. Busy times both personallyand professionally in my realm. Car shows, personal responsibilities and thedaily grind of putting food on the table and a roof over my head has delayedthis installment somewhat. But lots have happened during that...
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Nut Krackin’ and Fun Runnin’…Wells Style


​ I'm sure I can pretty much speak for many in saying this summer will have to go down as one of the hottest that I can remember here in the Intermountain West. Triple digit warm air, usually reserved for a place such as Southern Nevada and Arizona has stretched north. Just like the weather the car shows and rod runs have been equally hot as well. ...
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“Why Aren’t You Going To That Car Show Instead?”


​ One of the most frequent questions that people ask of me, whether it's out and about, here online, or in casual conversation at anything from a cruise night to the water cooler is "Why don't you do X car show or x car event?" or when I post something on my personal social media page plugging the next event I plan on attending I have actually had ...
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Cruising the Cruise-In & Old Capitol Hijinx in Fillmore


​ As hard as this is to believe we are at the halfway point of the 2017 show season. I know it sounds farfetched that we have arrived at this point but we indeed have. The abundance of shows this year astounds as it becomes mental torture picking and choosing where one wants to be on any given weekend. I know that maybe comes off as cliché but it's...
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