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It's always Hot Rod Time™

Hot Rod Time was built for you - the classic car enthusiast! From the social networking aspects of our site to the blogs, news, photo galleries, classified ads and so much more, there's something here for anyone who loves classic cars, muscles cars, racing, antiques, pinstriping, pin ups, rockabilly and the lifestyle. You name it and you'll find it here! We’re an equal opportunity hot rod lovin’,car show attending, tire smoke addicted group of automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Spend a little time exploring and you'll see why "It's always Hot Rod Time™"

- Steve Fern - Founder Hot Rod Time

So, what exactly is Hot Rod Time?
Well, let's take a look under the hood!

Car Show Calendars
  • Browse, search and find car shows, cruise nights, swap meets and mor in our 50 state nationwide car show calendars
  • Create and manage your car shows, swap meets, races and more for free.

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Photo Albums
  • Upload dozens of pictures in a single action. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen and our HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos
  • Organize your photos by adding them to custom photo albums

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Classified Ads
  • Vehicle ads just $24.95 and registered members can renew ads for free until it sells. No hidden charges, No commissions and No extra fees to pay!
  • Parts ads are free to list and you can edit or re-list the ad t anytime

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Video Galleries
  • Support video linking from popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Ability to set a video as profile video.
  • Ability to comment and like videos

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Seen enough already?
Sign up today, it's free to join.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to see more!

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News and Blogs
  • Create a running blog for your projects to let the world know about them. Include photos, videos, comments and so much more with each posting. You can also easily share those postings on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Read hot rod related news, updates and new product news

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Have questions? Have answers? Participate in the forums and post those questions for other members to answer and help you out with those pesky hot rod problems.

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Have a automotive related business? Hot Rod shop or car club?

  • Create a page for your business or shop
  • Create a page for your car club

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  • Create your own custom groups with it's own photo albums, videos and events
  • Join and participate in groups for your favorite car maker, model, region/state and more...

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Interactive Polls
  • Free for everyone - Businesses, car clubs, and members can participate,
  • Post a quick question for others to answer about your products services, car shows, events, etc.

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Social Network

What sets Hot Rod Time apart from many web sites is its powerful social networking features. Most posts are highly interactive where you may "like" or leave a comment on the content. Hashtag (#), Mentions (@), Reactions, Moods and Emoji (:)) support

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User Profile

Your profile is the heart of Hot Rod Time. Share information about yourself, your cars or projects. You can customize your profile with your own photo albums, photos, videos, cover photos etc.

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Privacy and Security Controls

We take user privacy seriously and have built a robust privacy control system within Hot Rod Time. You choose who to share your information with. You can select between Only Friends, Public (Everyone), Only Site Members, or Only Yourself. You can change these settings anytime that you like.

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Ready to join us?
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When Does My Membership Start?
Your membership starts the second you fill in the registration and hit submit
Are there any hidden fees?
Nope. But in all fairness there is a $24.95 cost for listing a vehicle for sale in the classified ads.
Can I get a refund?
Uhh NO! I'd have to charge you for something first, and considering Hot Rod Time is 99.99999% FREE to use, the answer is no.
What does membership cost?
Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Membership is always free
How long does my membership last?
Forever. Unless you post SPAM, then about 30 seconds! Moral of the story, don't post SPAM
Can I get support if I need it?
Absolutely! Check out our Support section and if you cannot find your answer there, then contact us.
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