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About Hot Rod Time

Hot Rod Time is possibly the coolest, most friendly and most advanced classic car website on the planet! We have designed the site around you - the classic car fanatic, with some features that are available only on Hot Rod Time. From the social networking aspects of our site to the blogs, news, photo galleries, classified ads and so much more, there's something here for any person that loves classic cars, muscles cars, racing, antiques, you name it you'll find it here. Spend a little time exploring and you'll see why "It's always Hot Rod Time™"

Let's take a peek under the hood!

User Profile

About Hot Rod Time user-profileYou can customize your profile to include information that you would like to share with other members. You may include as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing. You may also select who can view this information in the privacy settings Register as an individual, car club or business Share information about yourself You can upload a full size photo for your profile picture and crop the interesting part for its thumbnail.





About Hot Rod Time eventsEasily manage and post your events with our Event Manager. Create and manage your car shows, swap meets, races and more for free. Get free worldwide exposure for your events. Let the world know about your car show! Google Maps will display your event location along with a link for directions Members will be able to mark their attendance to the event Event admin may send email announcement to event attendees




Photo Albums

About Hot Rod Time photo-galleriesUpload dozens of pictures in a single action. Just drag and drop them to the upload screen and our HTML5-powered uploader will automatically queue the photos Organize your photos by adding them to custom photo albums Each album is neatly displayed, coupled with interactive features such as comments and like system, photo tagging and more Members may create public or friends only photo album Auto-rotate image based of photo exif's orientation data Allow comment and like for individual photos and album





Car Club Directory

About Hot Rod Time car-clubsHave a car club? List it for free in the searchable directory and let other hot rodders know about your club and how to contact you.





Forums Q&A

About Hot Rod Time forumsHave questions? Have answers? Check out the forums and post those questions for other members to answer and help you out with those pesky hot rod problems.





Privacy Controls

About Hot Rod Time privacyWe take user privacy seriously and have built a robust privacy control system within Hot Rod Time. You choose who to share your information with. You can select between Only Friends, Public (Everyone), Only Site Members, or Only Yourself. You can change these settings anytime that you like.





Business Directory

About Hot Rod Time business-directoryHave a automotive related business? Hot Rod shop? Get some free advertising by listing it in our Business Directory. Looking for a reputable company to share your hard earned hot rodding dollars with, find them in the searchable directory. Have you purchased a product or used a companies service that was beneficial to you? Leave them a positive review, let them know they're doing a great job! For your Business: Advertise your business for free in the directory Include all your pertinent business information, biography, store hours, web site, phone and fax numbers etc. For members: Search for great reputable hot rod related businesses to do business with Review and leave comments for the business




Community Polls

Polls at Hot Rod TimeThe community polls are a user friendly tool for creating online polls. They're free for everyone to use. You can post a quick question to other members and visitors to the website or provide your feedback on other member's poll questions. Have fun and best of all they're free for everyone! Free for everyone - Businesses, car clubs, and members can participate, Post a quick question for others to answer with the easy to use Gather opinions about your products services, car shows, events, etc. Get feedback on anything you can think up! You can also share your poll questions on other website's, forums, etc.





Groups at Hot Rod TimeSometimes it's more engaging to communicate in a smaller circle. Our groups allows you to interact at a more personal level. Every group will have its own photos, videos and event sections. Plus, there is a discussion board and file sharing feature for your community. Members can create custom groups Groups can be private (require admin approval) or public Car clubs - Use the groups section to organize all your car club members and keep up to date on your club activities Individuals - Join an already existing group like a regional or state group, or create a new group for all your friends to join.

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Contacting HRT

To contact us, simply use the link below and fill out the form with the reason that you contacting us and we will get back to you just as soon as possible. 


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