1. 68gt500man
  2. The Garage
  3. Tuesday, July 17 2012
Yes, I would have to say"rare" for sure. I explain to alot of people that it is not a Delorean and that it also came first. An interesting note is that John Delorean saw the Bricklin prototype which had a stainless steel body, he also offered his services to GVI(Bricklin parent co.) for the sum of 1 million dollars a year and was quickly turned down due to the high sum requested. Remember this was in 1973 and that was an extremely large amount of money for any company let alone a startup. Now maybe we see where the idea for the Delorean styling may have originated from. I wouldn't even mind hearing from Delorean owners, it's nice to get one parked next to Kermie just to show the differances between the two. The only thing they have in common is the way the doors open, and the Bricklin doors are automated.

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