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  4. Monday, 30 March 2015
Or maybe we do! its kinda fun to see if I can get a badge, when I know there is a badge for some thing, but some of them I just can't figure out what to do, like the [url=forums/badges/badges/hole-in-one]Hole-in-One[/url] Earn this badge when: Accepted 50 replies as answers. how does one accept a replie? or [url=forums/badges/badges/peacemaker]Peacemaker[/url] Earn this badge when: Updated 50 discussions to resolved, how does one resolve a discussion? or [url=forums/badges/badges/vanity-monster]Vanity Monster[/url] Earn this badge when: Updated 5 avatars in profile, I have 12 and still no badge.
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Looks like some one got some more of the Badges to work, but I wonder about those that I missed, like the Newbie badge, I wonder if the [url=forums/badges/badges/vanity-monster]Vanity Monster[/url] one got missed because I already had 5 profile pic changes when badges was brought online?
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